Are you a PANIPHILE( A lover of bread)?

Are you a PANIPHILE( A lover of bread)? By Lawal Sodiq Oluwaseun

Are you a PANIPHILE (A lover of bread)?
By Lawal Sodiq Oluwaseun


It’s high time you cared about what you eat. It is an open secret that needs varies from one individual to the other.I refuse to tell you how much flair I have for bread.

I can’t just dream of my bread being complemented with……

At this juncture, I must let the cat out of the bag.The love of bread motivated me to tell you certain things you need to know about BREAD and LAW. Funnily enough, the maxim “de minimis non curat Lex” is to the effect that “the law does not concern itself with trivial”. Then, if Law should talk about my bread, it is obviously not a minute l issue.

For a discussion to be intelligible, it must always start with a definition hence the need to look into the meaning of bread.

What then is bread in LAW?

Bread means “bread in any form other than bread- crumbs and includes the following, and any part of any of the following , that is to say , fancy loaves and milk loaves”.

The above is the statutory definition of bread in tandem with the provisio of section 24(4) of Weights and Measures Act( herein referred to as the Act ).

It’s sacrosanct for one to be acquainted with the fact that a loaf is only a part that makes a whole bread,refer to the section mentioned supra for clarification.

How weighty should bread be?

The sales or possession of any loaf of bread which weighs lesser than 225 grammes or a multiple thereof or even sales of any bread other than by net weight is an offence.
The above provisio is not application to ” rolls” or “pieces” of bread”.

The community reading of section 27 of the Act is an authority for the above submission.

Some desperate producers may decide to use an unjust weighing instrument to get an undue advantage or actualise more wealth to the detriment of the consumers.

Well, the bread is immune and shielded with sanction as espoused by the Act. Hence, anyone who sells or imports any unjust weight or weighing instrument is liable to a fine or imprisonment for a term of twelve months.See section 30 of the Act .


An action which is not brought within the prescribed period does not give rise to a cause of action. See INEC V. ENASITO (2017) 11 SCM PG.61- 62.

“Actions arising from things done or omitted to be done under this act shall be commenced within four months after the offence was committed”,(section 46 of the Act ).

Readers’ attention should be called to the fact that this act does not discuss ” bread” in isolation . other items of food are contained therein as far as weights of those items are concerned.
Invariably, “bread” is the concern of this discourse.

The punishments prescribed under the act for violation of any of its provisions includes;fine, imprisonment or both as evident in section 49 of the Act .

You should not start to measure everything you purchase all in the name of looking for faults because the Act as limited application.

The provision of this Act is not applicable to ;
Any dealing with land
The measurement of electricity, gas or water.

Or the computation of both imperial standards and metric standards.


In conclusion, nobody should henceforth
deprive my fellow paniphiles of the maximum enjoyment of their bread with corresponding rights.


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