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Artifical Intelligence, Climate Change, COP27

Artifical Intelligence, Climate Change, COP27 

By Adeola Oyenuga

We all, animals, humans and plants are heading for a climate disaster. I agree it may be natural to have intermittent changes in the nature of the global climate sometimes but we (industrialists) have sped up the process drastically. Besides, all human activity/inactivity today are practically environmentally degrading. It is our very imbalanced yet concentrated efforts that have depleted the Ozone Layer to what it is. Rapid industrialization fuelled by the white man’s greed and recklessness. Please don’t get me wrong, the blacks have made very little to no contribution to industrialization within recent history particularly. I’m not trading blames, just saying what it is. Generally unhealthy and mindless consumerism, unbridled greed and imbalance of rights or powers have brought us here and are desperately dragging us down this rabbit hole of possible total wipe out of all life on earth. With a probability of earth’s eventual absolute destruction.


Now, Artificial intelligence is just that (so far) superior in logic, rational thinking, problem solving plus whatever else comes in between all that; and it will further beat our own human reasoning on things. It will possibly lead to exponential growth or destroy us all, like Hollywood has frequently depicted it, though mostly fictional. So if people like Elon Musk aren’t quick to help our evolution with the likes of Neuralink – brain implants to make human intellect successfully beat AI, then so long! AI would have a practical solution to re-engineer earth to become healthier and liveable for longer. Have no doubts Senior, the white man has sped up this process. And even environmental scientists as well as resolution reached at the COP27 in Egypt just last year have declared that WE’RE ALL HEADING FOR A CLIMATE DISASTER. Especially as it’s looking like the scale of destruction human kind has done on earth can’t be remedied or reversed. Also worthy of note, car/automobile manufacturers from all over the world had the highest number of delegates at COP27 just to lobby decision makers to keep letting the white man destroy the world by manufacturing carbon-friendly vehicles etc. AI will have solutions (very likely) besides interplanetary evacuations and accepting our very collective and imminent environmental doom!


At the end 9t the day, if Artificial Intelligence is really the future and as good as its looking then by all means it can find probably a one-size-fits-all answer to our possible deaths from the impending climate disaster. Since most world leaders and industrialists don’t care at all, best to take a look in the mirror.


Adeola Oyenuga is a Legal Practitioner, ADR Practitioner and advocate, Researcher, Writer, Poet, founder of a digital NGO – Question i, National Coordinator Team LSWK Ltd Representatives, Tech Law Enthusiast and Environmental Activist.


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