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No man is an island, we all need one another to live together and actualize our dreams. At one point or another one has to agree with others to achieve his goals. This brings to mind the need for an agreement. An agreement is an understanding between persons to do or not to do certain things in a given way, time, place or manner. In an agreement there must be a desired result, certain terms and conditions to guide parties to an agreement towards achieving their goals. The human mind is forgetful, deceitful and dynamic; hence the need for agreements cannot be over-emphasised.

A CONTRACT is an AGREEMENT. A contract can be made orally or in writing.   A contract is “legal” when it contains the essentials of a contract which makes it enforceable in court and accords it a legal beam. For example, an agreement made by two adults for the supply of cannabis (Indian hemp), human parts and stolen cars cannot be said to be a Legal Contract. It is surely, not a legal contract because the subject-matters (Indian hemp, human parts and stolen cars) are illegal; hence such a contract can never be enforceable (recognisable) in law.


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