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Procedure And Requirements For Obtaining NBA Lawyers’ Stamp, Insurance Policy, Prepaid Cards, Lawyers Verification Exercise – Plus Downloadable Forms


Presently, NBA has commenced the issuance of yearly Bar  Practicing Certificate. It’s no longer bank tellers or receipt,  reach you NBA Branch Chairman for yours after paying your Bar practicing fee.



1. complete stamp an application form with your passport photograph &enrollment No. 

2. Pay at least N4000  into access bank account number written on the application forms,  for a pack of 96 stamps. (Nb. One can pay for more than a pack.  Every Stamp expires on the 31st of March each year after production. In 2015, a pack of stamps contained 120 stamps for N4, 000)

3. Complete lawyers data verification/update form with a passport photograph, copies of: call to be certificate,  mean of ID,  proof of payment of current Bar practice fee,  branch dues and proof of payment of N2000.

4. Both the verification form and seal application forms are to submitted to Local Branch Chairman or the NBA National secretariat. 


NBA has insurance scheme for lawyers.  The only requirement to be eligible is your proof of payment of the current annual practicing fee.
NBA and Lead way Assurance Company Ltd are responsible.  Please maxmise your practicing fee by enjoying this consequential package,  there are no other charges. 


It is a custom-made debit card for lawyers through Access bank.  You don’t need an account with access bank to obtain it. Your eligibility is your being a lawyer.  It gives you room to transfer money into the card and use it like you use your ATM cards on Pos,  Internet and other platforms.
It offers the holder lots of discounts on hotels, flights, shops,  and other NBA partnership institution. It gives you room to avoid using your ATM which can be hacked and your millions affected.  The card is tied to no account,  so it’s only what you transfer into it stays in it.
To obtain it you need to complete it’s form with your passport photograph.

Below are copies of all necessary forms.

Thank You.

Click Here To Download NBA Forms

Click Here To Downloadable Forms

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