Remedies Upon Arrest / Detention During An Assembly (Protest)

Remedies Upon Arrest/Detention During An Assembly (Protest)

Remedies Upon Arrest / Detention During An Assembly (Protest)

Onyekachi Umah presented a paper titled “Remedies Upon Arrest/Detention During An Assembly (Protest)” at the radio program of NULAI Justice Fellowship focusing on Protecting Civic Spaces and the Right to Freedom of Assembly. It held at the live radio program on the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) on the 15 September 2021. Organized by the Justice Education Nigeria, Action4Justice and the NULAI Nigeria. It is the 37 Sabi Law Lecture Series!

Click to download full copy of the Presentation/Lecture!

The presentation (Remedies Upon Arrest / Detention During An Assembly [Protest]) is the 37th Sabi Law Lecture Series of the Sabi Law Foundation. The Sabi Law Lecture Series is the collection of legal awareness presentations designed to increase access to justice in Nigeria.

Click to download full copy of the Presentation/Lecture!


  1. Profile of Onyekachi Umah
  2. Justification
  3. Assumptions
  4. Facts/Statistics
  5. Insights on the Right to Peaceful Assembly
  6. Arrest & Detention Protocols
  7. Justice for Arrest/Detention During Any Assembly
  8. Recommendations
  9. Conclusion

Click to download full copy of the Presentation/Lecture!

The paper highlights the right to hold peaceful assembly and insights on the remedies for persons arrested or detained during peaceful assembly.

Measurable Expected Outcomes: Participants will understand and explain the rights of persons in Nigeria to peacefully assembly and the remedies where there is an arrest/detention during an assembly. Participants will give examples and explain rights and remedies of persons arrested or detained during an assembly.

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