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#SabiLawVideoChallenge 2nd Edition (October, 2018). Starts soon; 6th October 2018! launches the 2nd edition of its quarterly video challenge designed to promote rights/laws awareness among Nigerians. The event is tagged #SabiLawVideoChallenge, a participant is to makone minute video of himself stating his name, city, a right/law that he knows and what it is about in pidgin or English Language. Video is uploaded on social media platforms and the video with the highest likes wins a cash price of N50, 000.00, a certificate of recognition and lots of branded materials. This is the second edition after a successful premier edition on June 2018. The June 2018 edition was one by Ms. Ezekwesili Chisom Gemmaclaire (student of Ebonyi State University) owner of 08142580xxx and instagram account;@gemmaclaireng. This edition’s cash price has been increased from N20, 000.00 to N50, 000.00 and the Winner takes it all.  



Make 1-minute video of yourself stating your name, city, a right/law that you know and what it is about in pidgin or English Language. You don’t need to cite sections or cases like lawyers do. End your video with a shout out to #LearnNigerianLaws, #DailyLawTips, #SabiLaw and #SabiLawVideoChallenge. Make it simple and fun. 

#SabiLawVideoChallenge starts on Saturday 6th October, 2018 and closes 20th October 2018. Winner will be announced by 6:00pm on Sunday 21st October, 2018. Contest is open to all Nigerians of any age, tribe, sex, colour, height, profession and qualification.

STEP 2.  

Upload your 1-minute video with the following hashtags “#SabiLaw”, “#SabiLawVideoChallenge”“#DailyLawTips and “#LearnNigerianLaws” on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook tagging LearnNigerianLaws through its respective official social media accounts; @LearnNigerianLaws. Your video will be officially reposted by @LearnNigerianLaws on Instagram. 

STEP 3. 

Get your friends to follow the official Instagram account; @LearnNigerianLaws and like your reposted video. Video with the highest number of likes on Instagram wins a cash price of N50, 000.00, a certificate of recognition and lots of branded materials. 

WHO WE ARE is free law awareness that promotes awareness and understanding of rights and laws of Nigeria (#SabiLaw) and offers free daily law tips (#DailyLawTips). Understanding the challenges of Administration of Criminal Justice in Nigeria, it dedicates daily law tips of every Mondays to promoting Criminal Justice (#CriminalJusticeMonday). It is also used to convene the Sabi Law Lecture Series (#SabiLawLectureSeries), travelling around Nigeria delivering free law awareness lectures. Then organises and sponsors this quarterly competition, titled “Sabi Law Video Challenge” (#SabiLawVideoChallenge) were Nigerians win money (over $130.00 per winner) for making videos of themselves talking on any law or right as a way to promote law awareness and have fun. To further promote legal awareness among Nigerians across the world, it has commenced a law awareness show titled “Sabi Law With Onyekachi Umah, Esq” (#SabiLawWithOnyekachiUmahEsq) showing on social media via @LearnNigerianLaws. 







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