The Extradition of Abba Kyari

The Extradition of Abba Kyari
The Federal Government Application For Kyari’s Extradition Must Be Genuine. 
By Moshood Olajide
The Attorney General Federation’s application for Abba Kyari’s extradition to the United States is welcomed after weeks of silence.
The government must however be sincere if the motive for this extradition application is totally genuine in order not to create a legal loophole to give Kyari’s sympathizers a platform for legal challenge to block the extradition.
For instance, Section 3 (sub section e) of the Nigeria extradition act is clear that “a fugitive criminal shall not be surrendered if criminal proceedings are pending against him in Nigeria”.
Therefore, it is imperative for the AGF  to move swiftly by withdrawing the pending drug case at the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency  against the former highly revered cop to pave way for smooth extradition without obfuscation as Kyari’s  current case with the NDLEA can manufacture a genuine legal argument to make his extradition impossible .
Moshood Olajide is an Undergraduate of the Faculty of Law, Obafemi Awolowo University,  Ile – Ife, Osun – State.



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