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Valuable Skills A 21st —century Lawyer Should Possess

Valuable Skills A 21st —century Lawyer Should Possess

Valuable Skills A 21st —century Lawyer Should Possess

By Ghide Asanawa Kalavava



The way we live and conduct ourselves changes as the world changes in many ways. Comparing the 21st century to other eras of human life, there are certain differences. Some valuable skills are demanded of lawyers in the twenty-first century. Those valuable skills will enable them to adapt and work effectively in the mutable world today. Moreso, to flourish in this age, a 21st-century lawyer needs to cultivate a certain set of skills as such are inseparable from lawyering.   The following details the necessary skills needed for 21st-century Lawyers:

Strong Communication Skills – Lawyers must possess the crucial talent for effective communication. A lawyer needs to have good writing and communication skills to accomplish their job well. They rely on these abilities to make a strong and persuasive argument to the judge and jury. They have little likelihood of success without these abilities. A skill that lawyers require listening, much like speaking and writing. Without the ability to listen, they will not be able to analyse their client’s requirements, and responding to those needs would be challenging.

People Skills – Working with the public requires the capacity to communicate with others. Remarkable people skill will help to win the trust and establish a relationship with clients and co-workers, whether they be the judge, jury, law enforcement agency, other lawyers, or the lawyer’s client. Make sure your people skills include being respectful, courteous, and relatable. Without people skills, circumstances may emerge that lead clients to feel mistreated.

Time Management – only if there were more than 24-hours in a day, more could be accomplished. Unfortunately, 24 hours is all there is in a day, and lawyers must take advantage of every minute. Heavy workloads and demanding deadlines leave no time for wondering what to do next. At the core of a lawyer’s work ethic is time management. By prioritizing and working ahead, lawyers can accomplish what needs to be done in 24 hours.

Research Ability – lawyers must extensively dig around and read old cases to make the best argument for their client and be practical. Researching is a skill that should be mastered early in their career. It is crucial to analyse, understand, and summarize critical key factors from extensive articles and documents. This is especially helpful for those with a large caseload and who need to know the vital characteristics.

Detail Oriented – accuracy, precision, and an eye for detail are added jewels for lawyers to have. A minor mistake made can lead to a lawyer being sued for malpractice. A detailed-oriented lawyer minimizes errors by carefully making the decisions needed to win a case.

Creative – lawyers must be clever to win cash. Being creative shows the flexibility that is needed to become a successful lawyer. Having to think logically and analytically provides lawyers with the ability to outmanoeuvre whatever scenario comes their way.

Judgmental – being judgmental is another key and core component of being a lawyer. Drawing a reasonable and logical conclusion is a skill that lawyers need to be based on limited information. Finding the weakness in their opponent’s case can give them the edge for winning a case. 


Manages Stress: Lawyers spend a lot of time trying to resolve the issues of their clients. Extreme incidents that happen to some clients can lead to difficult circumstances. Having better interpersonal and communication skills enables lawyers to handle tense client interactions.

Business knowledge – whether working in a firm or in private practice, understanding the business side of being a lawyer is essential. Learning how to bill for services rendered is one such skill. The hourly rate, contracts, and additional fees must all be clearly explained to clients. Marketing and networking skills are advantages for lawyers.

computer literacy — Since lawyers use a lot of their time researching, knowing their way around a computer is beyond helpful. Fostering collaborative culture delivers the ability to provide professional litigation support. Lawyers that are computer literate and tech-savvy give the added benefits to allow advancement, easy accessibility for clients, and an easy and faster way to access files. Being tech-savvy will enable lawyers to look deeper into their profession while becoming more competitive and growing in their careers. 

Soft skills are just as necessary as core skills. Soft skills promote integrity, a desire to help others, sensitivity, humility, empathy, confidence, persistence, simplicity, loyalty, discipline, and dependability. These skills help a lawyer feel human and vulnerable, granting lawyers a stronger rapport with their clients. 

Outside of being a doctor, lawyers are among the top trusting careers people place on a pedestal. People seek legal advice for themselves and their loved ones in hopes that their lawyer will help them win an unthinkable case. Without the proper skills, lawyers may be viewed as “ordinary” people.

The 21st-century lawyer must be a critical thinker and innovator who can approach legal issues from a deeper perspective, looking not only at the immediate solution but also at the possibility of preventing the same in the future.


Your status as a lawyer in the twenty-first century puts you on the map of the world and makes you qualified to address global issues. The way one makes money is through solving difficulties. If you don’t solve problems, you can’t make money, and the more problems there are, the more money there is to be made. The biggest issues are those facing the world, and since they call for universal, global answers, the lawyer of the twenty-first century must work to equip himself or herself with the knowledge and abilityties required to handle them. The 21st century, in which we currently live, is the era in which these worldwide issues take place. As a result, the knowledge and abilities of the twenty-first century are crucial to finding solutions. In this day and age, you’ll only be as useful as you can provide solutions to the problems peculiar to. Be equipped and advanced in technology. 

Ghide Asanawa Kalavava is of the Department Of Private And Business Law, Edo State University Uzairue


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  1. I think in regards to creativity most university in Nigeria don’t give room for creativity. in other to proof this point I will be using edo university as a example, in eui law student are required to but on a black suit and which does not give room for the student creative side to show as the creative siki of the student is being restricted this affect victualling every aspect of a law student as it does not allow them to think outside the box which may affect them in regards to problem solving in cases they may encounter in practicing law.
    In conclusion when it comes to creativity uniformity affect creativity tremendously.

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